Stephanie McMahon Write 3

Is Stephanie McMahon pregnant again? Probably not. But rumors continue to swirl that the WWE executive is expecting her fourth child with Triple H.

Despite having access to some of the best personal trainers and nutritionists in the world, Stephanie is not immune to weight struggles. She battles the bulge just like everyone else — but her ups and downs are captured on camera at every turn. And as a result, this gets fans wondering if she’s pregnant.

After giving birth to three daughters (Aurora Rose Levesque on July 24, 2006, Murphy Claire Levesque, on July 28, 2008, and Vaughn Evelyn Levesque on August 24, 2010), Stephanie was anxious to herself back in shape. This led her to renowned nutrition specialist, Dave Palumbo.

“I gained 80 pounds with my first daughter, Aurora. 80 pounds!” Stephanie revealed during 2011 interview with “It took me a year to take it off; I went to a nutritionist and the diet really only got me so far … it was okay. but I can only eat so many raw vegetables! After Murphy and Vaughn were born I discovered Dave Palumbo who helped me with my diet and strength and conditioning coach, Joe DeFranco, who helped me transform my body in the gym. I would never have known a keto diet and steady state cardio on top of strength and conditioning training would be the keys to my success.”

Stephanie enlisted the help of Palumbo after observing multiple nutritional meetings between him and Triple H. After some convincing, she was completely on board with his customized diet plan and bought into everything he advised.

“Dave is a really knowledgeable guy and the things he was telling Paul (Triple H) to do with his diet just made sense and seemed easy to understand, so it didn’t take too long for me to want to work with Dave as well,” she told in an interview published in 2013. “Literally the day I came home from the hospital after having my second daughter I started on his nutrition program. I gained 80 pounds with my first pregnancy and that was such a struggle to get the weight off. I gained another 60 pounds during the next pregnancy. I knew I had to work my butt off to get back in shape.”

With Palumbo’s assistance, Stephanie got in prime shape and finally took part in a photo shoot of herself wearing a bikini.

“After having three kids, I’m in the best shape of my life,” Stephanie said. “And the best part is that I keep getting stronger.”

Many attributed this to less time spent in the ring, while others assumed that pregnancy and motherhood led to the weight gain. While McMahon has never been what most would consider fat, she has made several appearances where she didn’t look as toned as she has in the past. While this normally wouldn’t be too big of a problem, many people have cried foul over the lack of attention to her weight gain, as it has cost many other female wrestlers their jobs when they put on a little bit of weight and didn’t lose it quickly. Today however, Stephanie looks great and appears to be in the best shape of her life.

Think sports-entertainment is a man’s world? Stephanie McMahon will make sure you think again.

Mr. McMahon’s only daughter, Stephanie has been bossing WWE’s most powerful men around since she was old enough to form coherent sentences. As one of the principal owners of WWE and the company’s Chief Brand Officer, however, she does a lot more than just talk. She’s proven herself to be a force with which to be reckoned both in and out of the ring. After all, how many of CableFax’s “Most Powerful Women in Cable” are also former Women’s Champions?

Born into the sports-entertainment industry, Stephanie first got in on the family business by modeling Rockers T-shirts in the WWE Shop catalog when she was still in middle school. By the time WWE’s “Attitude Era” had taken pop culture by storm, the youngest McMahon was caught up in a rivalry between her father’s Corporation and The Undertaker’s wicked Ministry of Darkness. She might have appeared overwhelmed at first, but within months of her debut, Stephanie had wed her father’s rival, Triple H, and orchestrated a takeover of WWE.

It quickly became obvious that the McMahon family gusto didn’t just carry over to the Y chromosome, and Stephanie’s dominion only expanded as the years went on. A reign as Women’s Champion, a stint as SmackDown’s General Manager, one-half of The Authority and the current Raw Commissioner ensured the everlasting expansion of Stephanie’s queendom.

Away from the swirling action of TV, Stephanie continues to play an active role in the community as a firm supporter of various charities as well as a strong advocate for the Be a STAR anti-bullying campaign. Whether inside the squared circle or a WWE boardroom, she’s never at a loss for enthusiasm. WWE might be considered a man’s world, but Stephanie continues to be a woman firmly in charge.