Steve Austin Isn’t Nervous About Goldberg Facing Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series

During a recent chat on the PWTorch Livecast, Steve Austin was asked what kind of match he expects from Goldberg and Brock Lesnar when the two have their rematch from WrestleMania XX at Survivor Series — Austin was the Special Guest Referee in that encounter.

The WWE Hall of Famer is not nervous about the two facing off again.

“You know, when you go in there and you work a match with Brock Lesnar and you were and still are Bill Goldberg, there’s got to be some drastic physicality to this. This is not going to be Brock taking powders out of the ring because he’s worried about Bill Goldberg. This is going to be two big bulls in there fighting. We’ll just see how they lay it out. I’m not nervous, I’m hopeful that they just kick ass and blow the roof off the place. That remains to be seen,” Austin said.

“It can be a brutal, brief ten minute classic. I don’t care how long it is, as long as it’s good and suits both guy’s character and it’s good for both guys. You can look there and say, ‘Okay, what’s the finish going to be?’ Let’s just forget about the finish. We’ll see what happens when the finish goes down.’ Both guys need to go out there and be who and what they are.”