“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Has A Problem With John Cena Using The Stunner

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin

WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has an issue with John Cena’s use of the Stunner over recent weeks. The Stunner, which was Austin’s finish during his time in WWE, is now being used by Cena as a set-up for other maneuvers during his matches.

Cena debuted his “Springboard Stunner” during his United States Championship match with Rusev at WrestleMania 31. He’s then used it on Stardust and Bad News Barrett on Raw.

During the April 14 edition of The Steve Austin Show (listen here), Austin addressed Cena’s use of the move, claiming that he does in fact have an issue with it. While his issue isn’t that Cena is using the Stunner, his problem lies with the seemingly ineffectiveness of it.

“It was brought up to my attention in several e-mails that I got but I never discussed it. …Here’s the thing, people ask me ‘Steve, hey man, what do you think about that?’ First of all, it’s obviously reminiscent of the Stone Cold Stunner, but here’s my biggest beef with it…

It’s such a dynamic move and it requires such precision and timing, because his foot could slip on that rope, guys are wearing baby oil, they’re sweating, anything could happen, so that move is very precise. But when you hit that move, why don’t you establish it and get a couple of three counts out of it?

So then when Rusev kicks out of it, or whoever kicks out of it, if they do, it means something. So they could have had another ace up his sleeve had he actually beaten people with it.

My point is had they looked further down the road than the short term he would have had a real valid great badass finish than just a set up which now means nothing.”