Sting On If He Regrets Signing With WWE, If He Wanted to Work With Younger WWE Talents


Sting recently spoke with Rolling Stone to promote WWE Night of Champions and his WWE World Heavyweight Title match against Seth Rollins. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

Was it an expressed desire of yours to not just go up against WWE legends like HHH, but also some of the younger stars?

To be straight with you, no. Although, man, if presented to me, I would wanna walk through that door, because there’s so many new, young, incredibly talented people – Seth being the best, I believe, as far as creativity and innovation in the ring. So you just can’t get much better than this. It’s just the nature of our business. Everything is always subject to change, and you never know what’s gonna happen next. It was unexpected for me too, but again, the door opened, and I chose to walk through it.

Should you lose at Night of Champions, does it paint a picture that you were brought to WWE primarily to put others over rather than enhance your own legacy?

I had my time. There’s no question about that. For a guy my age to be where I am right now is, to me, next to impossible. And yet, I’m here. It’s not about Sting, not anymore. You’re asking a straight-up question, I’ll give ya a straight-up answer. That’s it, and I am just fine with that.

Considering the demands on your time and health, do you have any regrets about signing with WWE?

It has been gratifying. After 30 years, I’ve learned to really appreciate the fans and the wrestlers and everybody in the whole industry a lot more. I held off on doing [public appearances] until WWE, and now I’m picking and choosing some things that I’m doing here and there, Comic-Cons and whatever. And the fans are so respectful, so there’s a much higher level of appreciation now than there ever was.