Tanner on If He Was Surprised Daniel Bryan Didn’t Use a Save, Realizing ZZ Was a Threat, More

Tanner Saraceno

– Tanner Saraceno, who was eliminated from WWE Tough Enough this week, recently spoke with Brian Fritz of SportingNews.com. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

How he felt going into the show:

I try to stay very calm in any situation I’m in. I don’t like freaking out. It raised blood pressure and it doesn’t really help you think clearly. So, I tried to stay calm going into it. I was fairly confident that I had put in enough work and progress to hopefully show the WWE Universe that I’m what they need to be entertained. I have everything it takes and I was fairly confident that they would see that and my abilities and I guess I didn’t show them enough and they didn’t choose me.

If he was surprised Daniel Bryan didn’t use his “save”:

A little bit. Actually, a lot of bit. I was really thinking he was going to use it for the sake of making sure the right person goes into the finals in my eyes. It was shocking when he didn’t use it. Maybe there’s something crazy planned for the finals. You never know with this show. I’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

When they realized ZZ was a real threat in the competition:

Probably around week two we realized that ZZ didn’t belong there but for some unforeseen reason he was getting votes to stay there. Just a lack of professionalism amongst other things. The challenges were meant to test you about different aspects of what it takes to be a WWE superstar. So, not finishing first or successfully, in my eyes, it was very frustrating to see that continue progressing.

How long will it be before starts taking acting classes and training for wrestling:

There’s actually a school right by me. One of the guys from my gym actually does this for a living. He’s been asking me to come to his gym since I got on the show. So, I’m going to go home, get my puppy, probably go camping for a few days and just be outside in the woods and the sun and enjoy nature. Definitely do that and then in about a week or so get back to reality and find my next path.

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