The Bellas on Working Out with John Cena and Daniel Bryan, Men Approaching Women at the Gym

The Bella Twins

– The Bella Twins recently spoke with to give their secrets to picking up women at the gym. The full article is at this link. Below are a few highlights:

If Daniel Bryan and John Cena have influenced their fitness routines:

Nikki Bella: Actually, when John and I first started dating, I was coming back from breaking my leg. Before that, I was just the type of girl who would do cardio at the gym, lift some free weights, and take some classes. So when I was getting back into shape, he introduced me to Olympic lifting. I always had this perception that when you lift weights, you’re going to get bulky and thick. I didn’t realize you actually burn a lot of fat and that it trims you down. So when John got me past that, I just fell in love with this style of weightlifting. It has totally transformed my body.

Brie Bella: If Bryan is like, “I’m going to be at the gym here for two hours,” it forces me to keep myself busy for those two hours. It pushes you more! And Bryan is actually the first relationship I’ve been in where my partner enjoys a healthy lifestyle like me. Even past lifting weights at the gym. I’ve never had a loved one to go hiking with me, or to do yoga with me. And that has actually changed me. Now instead of being like, “Hey, lets go to happy hour!” it’s like, “Lets go find this mountain to hike.”

Brie on if people should work out with loved ones:

I think working out with a loved one makes everything feel better! And for us, we’re constantly on the road. So I’m always looking for extra time to hang out with Bryan. When we get to work out together, yes, we’re doing something for our health. But at the same time we’re actually getting to spend some time together.

Nikki on advice for guys who are looking to approach women at the gym:

When she is on the treadmill, leave her alone! I can’t tell you how many guys have approached me when I’m doing cardio. Like, I have my headphones on, I’m in the zone, so don’t bother me. I think the best time to approach a woman is actually after her workout. When you’re working out, you’re playing your jam, you’re in the groove, and you don’t want to be interrupted. So guys, wait until she’s done getting her sweat on.

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