The Miz Expected To Be Written Off WWE Television

The Miz

The Miz is expected be written off WWE television soon, possibly this Monday on Raw.

As previously reported, Miz is expected to face off against his former “stunt double” during the show in a stipulation match. The winner of the match gets to keep the “Miz” persona, moveset, music, etc.

Much like how Paige was written off television on last Monday’s Raw, Miz is set to take a leave of absence to go film WWE Studios’ upcoming holiday motion picture, Santa’s Little Helper. Miz and Paige are set to miss at least three weeks of shows, if not more, to film their roles for the picture, meaning they both will likely not appear at Extreme Rules on April 26.

This would explain why Miz vs. Mizdow will be taking place on Raw instead of at Extreme Rules. Mizdow winning Miz’s character would be strange, but would help write Miz off television for a month. Their feud, whether over the character, or just because of animosity between each other, can start back up as soon as Miz returns and not miss a beat.