The Miz On Which Actor His Character Is Based On, Vince McMahon Changing His Ring Gear And More

The Miz

On a recent episode of Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss, The Miz talked about celebrities who are WWE fans, celebrities who have exceeded his expectations, the celebrity who inspired his current character, and why he switched his ring gear from shorts to trunks.

On which celebrities follow WWE: “Seth Green, Mark Wahlberg, like, these are people that come backstage and I was like, ‘wow, they’re fans!’. I’ve gotten to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. [He] is the biggest fan.”

On his experiences with The Rock: “I met The Rock. I got to wrestle The Rock and I remember my first movie I actually texted The Rock and he called me back and was like, ‘hey man, this is your first movie’ and he gave me the most amazing advice.”

On who his movie star gimmick is based on: “I would watch all of [Cruise’s] interviews and just some of the stuff that he would say would just be incredible.” The Miz added, “he’d be so intense and then start laughing and then be really intense again and I’d be like, ‘I’m using this!’ This is it!”

On going to trunks: “When I first started with WWE, I didn’t want to look like the quintessential wrestler. I didn’t want to wear trunks. I didn’t want to look like that. I wanted to look cool, I guess you could say, like, cooler in my mind. And I wore shorts with a bunch of different stuff. I wore a bandana with a fedora thinking it was the coolest thing ever, saying ‘ninny’. I don’t know. It was just one of those things. I got fired by Jeremy Piven because he was the guest host that week [on WWE Monday Night RAW] and so the next week I was going to come back and I was going to wear a mask and everyone couldn’t know who I was, so I wore trunks for the first time. When I got [backstage], one of the talent relations guys goes, ‘Vince loves you in trunks. You are wearing trunks from now on.’ I was like, ‘I don’t want to wear trunks! I don’t want to wear trunks!’ And it’s like, if Vince McMahon says, ‘you’re going to wear trunks from now on,’ you’re going to wear trunks from now on, so I started wearing trunks and I haven’t gone back.”