Dolph Ziggler Has New Ring Gear (Photo), Nikki Bella Taking Time Off From Wrestling?

Dolph Ziggler

– Nikki Bella has been the Divas Champion for just over 300 days now, meaning that she’s putting in a lot of work. In the world of professional wrestling, we know that a lot of work can mean the possibility rising that an injury can occur. That seems to be the case here with Nikki.

The Diva continues to battle through a separated shoulder, which she revealed during a Q&A session in July. The injury came during a house show match in which she hit the steel steps awkwardly. She has no plans to take time off from the road, but is expected to be less active in the ring in the next few weeks.

Nikki also tore her hamstring earlier in the year, but claimed during the Q&A session to have recovered from the injury.

– Dolph Ziggler has new ring gear for tonight’s match at Night of Champions against Rusev.