TJ Perkins Talks About Change and His Career, His WWE Cruiserweight Classic Dream Scenario

T.J. Perkins

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor TJ Perkins recently spoke with GMA News Online. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Joining the tournament after meetings with other promotions, including NJPW:

“It came up along with a lot of other offers. I think, for the first time in a long time, I wanted my heart to decide where I go. I thought this would be good for me and good for my wrestling soul.”

Change in his 18 year career:

“I feel like everything was changing already, but when the CWC came, and now that it’s progressing, it feels like it’s actually like, a landmark or an anchor to all the change because it kinda represents something on a visual level in the form of an event that people can look back and say you know what, that’s when everything changed.”

His CWC dream scenario with Zack Sabre, Jr.:

“If I had a dream scenario, it would be Zack… We could do it a thousand times, we’re like Batman and the Joker. I think people kinda forget, because I could do a lot of different things, but in my heart, I’m really a technical wrestler. Being in there with somebody like Zack where he’s, you know, pure technician, I think it would be really fun and it’d be cool and we’ve done it in the past. To be able to do that in that sort of a way, it’d be kind of a special moment to look back at one of my long-time opponents and say look at what we’ve done, and look at where it brought us.”

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