Top TNA Star Done With The Company?


TNA wrestler MVP

The July 1 episode of Impact Wrestling featured The Rising vs. The Beat Down Clan in a match where the losing team had to disband. It turns out both teams are apparently done, per MVP on Twitter Friday.

In a series of Twitter messages, MVP suggested that he has parted ways with TNA, which also means the end of his TV faction.

One of the main issues between TNA and MVP was the return of Shawn Hernandez, who was brought back to TNA to be part of the BDC. However, Hernandez was still under contract to Lucha Underground.

The next few weeks of Impact Wrestling were to feature Hernandez along with MVP and Kenny King, but those segments will reportedly be cut out due to Hernandez’s Lucha deal.

Earlier this summer, BDC member Low Ki announced his departure from TNA, leaving the group as MVP, King, and then Hernandez. Without Hernandez and now without MVP, the group is apparently done on TNA TV.