Top WWE Stars Support Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan

Many people in WWE are high on Lars Sullivan, including Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Kevin Owens, and Brock Lesnar.

To give you an idea of just how large his hands are, check out this photo Paul “Triple H” Levesque tweeted in 2014 comparing his hands to that of Sullivan’s.

During a visit to the WWE Performance Center in October 2014, Levesque was so impressed with the big man that he relayed specific instructions to the coaching staff to give him extra attention and have his progress meticulously tracked.

Sullivan also impressed Owens with his verbal skills.

“The Prizefighter” tweeted on October 2, 2014, “Can we get @DylanMWWE to like 1000 followers before the end of the day? If he tweets like he talks, you’ll all thank me for it!”

Lesnar took a liking to Sullivan during the week of WrestleMania 31 in March 2015. So much so that “The Beast Incarnate” flew out to Orlando, Florida a few weeks later to train with him at the Performance Center.

WWE officials have high hopes for Sullivan, in large part due to his unique look.

“I was told he looks to be a long-term project, but one worth devoting time to just based on his look and verbal ability,” Meltzer wrote shortly after his in-ring debut. “A lot of people have compared his look to Maurice Tillet, The French Angel from the ’40s, who was the impetus for Shrek in the movies.”

Sullivan himself sees the comparison as he liked this fan tweet saying he looks like The French Angel.