Tough Enough Winner Josh Bredl Pisses Off Kevin Owens, Stardust and Bull Dempsey With Tweet

Josh Bredl

Josh Bredl, who won Tough Enough and is now known as Bronson Mathews at NXT shows, drew the ire of some of his peers for a tweet he made during Raw.

During the show, Big Show made quick work of The Social Outcasts’ Heath Slater. Though the giant’s official contest was against Slater, he didn’t stop after KO’ing the former WWE Tag Team Champion, cold-cocking Adam Rose, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, who mistakenly thought he’d evaded a knockout of his own, only to victory-lap his way straight into Show’s path.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Mathews wrote, “Yup.. I like it.. #Social Jobbers.”

Bronson Matthews

Kevin Owens responded, “Look at the veteran here with the big fancy insider terms!” He then blocked him.

Mathews also pissed off Stardust and Bull Dempsey (Dempsey’s tweets have since been deleted).

@FightOwensFight @BronsonWWE Kev, the kid has to get a reaction somehow. Might as well be by words cause we know it’ll never be in the ring!

— Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016

@BronsonWWE @FightOwensFight not hopping in and not “fair weather.” Spent 3 months in class w/ you and always stood up for you when ZERO did

— Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016

Responding to Dempsey, Mathews wrote, “I know. #loveyou.” Dempsey wrote back:

@BronsonWWE then why bury people who paved the way for you AND me?! This place was different before you were here. Before I was here.

— Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016

@BronsonWWE @FightOwensFight leave it better than we BOTH found it. THAT is what THIS is!!!

— Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016