Triple H Comments On Finn Balor Crotch Chopping Outside Of TNA Wrestling’s Office Last Week

Finn Bálor

WWE NXT champion Finn Balor made a splash on Twitter last week when he tweeted a photo standing in front of TNA’s office in Nashville, Tennessee.

Not only was it a rare acknowledgement of TNA by anyone associated with WWE, but the added image of Balor crotch-chopping in front of the office sign created the perception that it was more than just a fun photo.

However, WWE executive Triple H downplayed the photo during an “NXT: Takeover” conference call Tuesday afternoon.

Hunter said it was good-natured fun that Balor cleared with him before tweeting. Hunter also offered his explanation of how Balor ended up in front of TNA’s office.

Hunter said the NXT crew flew to Nashville for a live show, the crew was picked up at the airport by a bus, and the bus driver was instructed to take the crew to a “gym of a certain caliber.” Hunter said the gym just so happened to be right next to the TNA office.

Hunter said Balor has a “large sense of humor” and he decided it would be fun to get off the bus and take a photo in front of the office, which he sent over to Hunter for approval.

“Look, he’s having fun. People take things too seriously,” Hunter said. “It’s creative and it’s fun and it’s good-spirited, and it is what is.”