Triple H Talks to Corey Graves About Kevin Owens vs. John Cena, NXT Divas Working Main Events, More

Triple H

– This week’s WWE sitdown interview features Corey Graves talking to Triple H, as seen above. Below are highlights:

* Triple H jokes that sitting across from Michael Cole usually makes him feel cool but Graves is edgy and is making him feel like the old guy in a suit.

* Graves brings up Kevin Owens confronting John Cena on RAW. Triple H says it’s been a crazy month for NXT and the NXT Superstars. He talks about Sami Zayn answering Cena’s challenge a few weeks back. He says you don’t see what Owens did from anyone in WWE very often and that’s an accomplishment. He says he’s not sure if it’s just the NXT brand that’s unstoppable or Owens.

* Triple H doesn’t think Owens is overlooking Sami Zayn but to know that he has the match coming up with Cena at Elimination Chamber and has everything to gain. If Owens beats Cena, he’s accomplished something and doesn’t really matter if he walked through Zayn or not. Triple H says Owens is calculated, smart and a thinking man’s wrestler in the ring. Triple H says people overlook Owens for what he can bring to the table. Triple H is expecting a helluva fight between Zayn and Owens. He says Sami is cleared to wrestle and will take it to Owens so if Owens is overlooking him, it’ll be a mistake.

* Graves asks about the NXT Divas working the main event on recent NXT live events. His goal is to make Divas being in the main event not a big deal. He wants to put what’s best at the moment, in the ring and if that’s the Divas or the guys, it doesn’t matter. He says it’s about competition and being the best athlete in NXT. He can’t help but smile when he thinks about the future of WWE, calling it exciting times.

* He calls Sasha Banks one of the most complete performers he’s ever seen. He says it took Becky Lynch a few months to get her footing but once she did, she’s taken the world by storm. He says there’s a lot to be said for momentum and says Becky may be unstoppable right now. He says she’s on a tear and we very well may see a new NXT Women’s Champion.

* He says the Triple Threat with Hideo Itami, Finn Balor and Tyler Breeze will be something to see. He teases Finn Balor may come out as The Demon tonight.

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