Uhaa Nation on What Kevin Owens Told Him Before Signing with WWE, New WWE Talent Talks Charisma

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– As noted, WWE announced 11 new talents for the Performance Center in Orlando on Monday. Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald spoke with Sesugh Uhaa, formerly known as Uhaa Nation. The full interview is at this link. Uhaa commented on getting advice from some of his friends as he prepared to sign with WWE:

“Kevin Owens was one of the guys I talked to leading up to this process. There was also Finn Bálor and Chris Masters, who I became friends with doing work in England. Just talking to them about not just the tryout, but being a part of the roster. Things you had to do to get here. One of the recent conversations was with Kevin Owens because he did one not too long before mine. A good friend of mine, Ricochet, offered advice as well. Kevin and others just told me to be myself and work hard, help other guys, be a leader and things of that nature. It was good to get to talk to them and see how they felt about the tryouts and being here. These were guys who have been on the indies for years and made that transition. In my mind, they made it possible for me to make that transition as well.”

Fishman also spoke with Levis Valenzuela Jr., a North Carolina indie wrestler who began working in 2013 for CWF Mid-Atlantic. Their full interview is at this link. Valenzuela Jr., who was a collegiate ballroom dancer, believes his charisma helped him in his WWE trout. He commented:

“I knew it was going to be a huge opportunity. I had to try to stand out in some way, shape or form. The entire time I tried to keep a positive outlook, tried to talk and keep a positive vibe. It worked because I’m here. I knew I had charisma, and I knew I wanted to showcase that to WWE. When it came to the promo or, as Dusty Rhodes describes it, the red-light district, I knew that was my time. I knew it was my opportunity to really showcase a little bit of the range I had in terms of portraying a character. When it was me and that light for a minute, it was a whole different level and focus. I made sure I made a lasting impact. Thankfully, it worked.”

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