Undertaker Visits The WWE Performance Center


The Undertaker continues to get in shape ahead of his WrestleMania 31 match with Bray Wyatt. The Deadman paid a visit to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, last week, presumably to get in “ring shape” following a long absence.

In recent weeks Wife Michelle McCool has been posting photos of The Undertaker training. What’s clear from the photos is that The Undertaker is really focusing on his strength and conditioning. He’s hitting the weights and he’s hitting them hard. The end goal is to turn up at WrestleMania looking bulked up and sculpted in his muscles. With The Undertaker turning 50-years-old this week, it is harder to attain and retain muscular definition, so it is something that he appears to be focusing on. When it comes to the WWE, it is imperative that your “look” reflects toughness.

Something else to note from the photos that McCool has posted is that there’s no signs of Taker’s reported failing physical state. He’s had serious issues with his knees and shoulders in the past, but you can see him taking weight on his shoulders and putting significant pressure on his knees.