Video Of Ric Flair Saying “Kill Yourself” To Natalya At This Week’s SmackDown Taping

Ric Flair

This week’s SmackDown tapings had a little bit of an issue when Ric Flair went off script and off the rails during an in-ring promo with Natalya.

Since the show is taped on Tuesdays every week, the “slip of the tongue” by Flair will undoubtedly be edited off of SmackDown by the time it airs on Thursday, but the events of what transpired have gotten out.

This week’s SmackDown will feature The Ambrose Asylum with Flair, Natalya and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

During the segment, Natalya hyped up Bret Hart’s appearance at WWE Payback this Sunday and said that her uncle could handle Flair if he got involved in her match against Charlotte.

Flair got very fired up because of that and told her that he’s beaten Hart all over the world and in multiple promotions. At the end of the rant, he may have gone too far and told Natalya “kill yourself.”