Vince McMahon Expects The Undertaker To Wrestle Again


Since The Undertaker’s loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, Vince McMahon had told WWE announcers on multiple occasions to not reference “The Deadman” too often. However, in recent weeks, there has been a reversal and McMahon has told the announce team that it’s now okay to acknowledge The Undertaker when it’s called for.

Roman Reigns has been drawing “Undertaker” chants from crowds aiming to taunt him and it’s clear that while The Undertaker is gone, for now, he has not been forgotten. There’s more to the story though, as McMahon’s directives to the announcers were not simply done out of the blue.

In recent weeks, there has been communication between McMahon and The Undertaker that leads Vince to believe The Undertaker would consider wrestling at WrestleMania next year at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

While it’s not a foregone conclusion, all previous conversations since WrestleMania 33 had left McMahon feeling like The Undertaker would never wrestle again until recently. McMahon now feels like The Undertaker is leaving the door open for a return.

For this reason, those close to Vince are convinced it can’t be a coincidence that he’s had a change of heart in terms of The Undertaker being mentioned on television.