Vince McMahon on If He Misses Being on WWE TV, If He Sees Himself Slowing Down, More

Mr. McMahon

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon recently spoke with to promote WWE’s WrestleMania 34 coming to New Orleans. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Do you ever see yourself slowing down?

No. No, never. This is not work for me. I never go to work. Ever. Every aspect of the business, whether it’s working with the talent or the writing staff, even on occasion working with the legal guys, it’s all a big family. I never go to work.

How do you not slow down at your age?

“I never sleep. … I don’t know that it’s an age thing. I just do it because I do it. It’s just something you love and have the passion for. You can’t get enough of that. How can you get enough of what’s really, really good? You can have steak every night and get accustomed to that, but that’s not what this is. This is not work.”

Is there a match that didn’t happen that you wish would have at WrestleMania?

I don’t think that way. There are matches that you make early on, but everything is subject to change in our business. From a creative standpoint, it’s subject to change when you see something better. If I take this piece and put it here, that would really help. As opposed to what we were advertising or even the way we were going.

You listen to the audience and if the audience is catching on to this or you think they may gravitate to that, that’s where you go. You have to lead. … I don’t even think that way in terms of ‘what if that would have happened?’ We just go do.

Do you miss being on TV?

God, no. That was a chore. I enjoyed it, but it just ate up so much time personally, and I couldn’t produce and direct, which is what I love to do. I love to help create new stars and tweak this and help them grow here. I can’t do that as a talent because you have to have your head wrapped around that. I’ve done both in the past, but it’s not what I prefer to do. It takes an extraordinary amount of energy to be able to do that. Trying to both is difficult. It really is.

Is there a wrestler who you think can jump to the main-event level by the time we get to WrestleMania 34?

I don’t know. If I did know, I wouldn’t tell you. Because it would ruin the surprise. I’m just being honest. I don’t know if there is at the moment, but I wouldn’t tell you.

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