Vince McMahon Upset With WWE Star Over Twitter Messages

Mr. McMahon

Adam Rose has been trolling fans in recent weeks on Twitter, teasing that the Leo Kruger persona he portrayed in NXT and Florida Championship could be making its way back to WWE in some capacity. There were even rumors that Kruger would be joining The Wyatt Family as the third wheel to Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt’s tandem.

The trolling may finally be over, as Rose said Kruger is never coming back on Tuesday.

That photo and message came following a series of retweets from Rose of fans saying they wanted Kruger back.

WWE performers campaigning for creative changes on social media is a huge no-no in the company. Vince McMahon was notified of what Rose was pushing on Twitter and became very irritated since he really doesn’t like it when wrestlers try to get over with an idea they did not approve of. Creative writers had discussed pairing Rose with Wyatt and Harper as Leo Kruger, but the move was not finalized. It appears the campaign means there is no chance of Rose assuming his former persona again for WWE.

Rose recently tested a new character at WWE live events, teaming with Brad Maddox as part of a tag team called “Beef Mode.”