WCW Thunder Now Available On The WWE Network, Note On Incorrect Episode Dates

WCW Thunder

You can now watch WCW Thunder on the WWE Network as over 70 episodes from WCW’s secondary show were uploaded to the Vault this morning.

WWE issued an announcement today on this, which reads:

Just added to WWE Network: WCW Thunder

More than 115 hours of WCW Thunder are now available on the award-winning WWE Network. Relive your favorite moments from WCW’s rollercoaster show, including Sting breaking his silence in dramatic fashion and the rise of nWo Wolfpack. Plus, watch legendary Superstars like DDP, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Goldberg and Bret Hart battle in action-packed clashes.

The episodes range from the debut episode on January 8, 1998, through August 26, 1999. Some episodes during this time period are not up as of this writing but may be added by the end of the day.

Courtesy of the Reddit version of the WWE Network Bot, you can see the full listing of what’s available by clicking here.

Beginning with the episode listed as May 27, 1999, the dates for several consecutive shows are incorrect. The May 20, 1999, episode, featuring “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. Buff Bagwell in the main event, was uploaded as May 27, 1999. So if you want to see the episode of Thunder that actually aired on May 27, 1999, you would have to check out the episode listed as June 3, 1999, as the date is one week later than it should be. This issue extends through the July 28, 1999, episode, at which point the timeline is off by two weeks. The final episode uploaded, which is listed as September 9, 1999, is actually from August 26, 1999 (featuring Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner vs. Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn in the main event).

Thunder aired on TBS from January 8, 1998, through March 21, 2001. There is no word yet on when the entire library will be uploaded to the WWE Network.