WCW Thunder Reportedly Coming To The WWE Network Next Week

WCW Thunder

WCW Thunder is reportedly heading to the WWE Network next week.

According to a report by WWE Network News, WCW Thunder will be coming to the WWE Network on March 19. It currently isn’t known which episodes are going up first, or how many would be added.

Earlier reports indicated that the show would be uploaded to the WWE Network back in September, but they were never uploaded. There had been speculation that the recent Raven and Buff Bagwell lawsuit may have impeded the release. That suit was dismissed back in December.

WCW Thunder was a two-hour show on TBS that started in January 1998. It was originally meant to be the home base for the WCW brand, with the nWo taking over WCW Monday Nitro TNT. When ratings for a test run of a nWo-themed episode of Nitro in December 1997 flopped, the plan was abandoned and Thunder became a secondary show.

Through the summer of 1998, all of WCW top stars appeared on the show, including Hollywood Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting and The Outsiders. When that stopped happening, the show largely centered around mid-card wrestlers, with one or two top stars, and wrestlers who rarely appeared on Nitro.

When the final episode of the show aired on March 21, 2001, it marked the end of almost 30 years of professional wrestling on TBS.