How Much Money Does John Cena Make?

John Cena

As WWE’s franchise star, John Cena earns approximately $3 million in base salary per year from Vince McMahon’s organization. That figure doesn’t even take his huge merchandise sales into account. Merchandise bearing his likeness are routinely the top-selling items at live events and

Cena has to work hard for his money; he has perhaps the busiest schedule of any Superstar in WWE. It isn’t just the weekly wrestling, it is all the media, charity, corporate appearances and things like shooting commercials and appearing on Total Divas. He’s the face of WWE, so he’s everywhere. WWE gets value for they pay him.

You only have to look at Cena’s tremendous impact on attendance, television ratings, pay-per-view, and WWE Network subscriptions. When he is positioned as the top star, WWE draws better business.

Cena has put together one hell of a money-making brand as he also rakes cash in from celebrity endorsements and acting. Add first class travel and other perks into the mix, and it’s fair to surmise that he is one of the better looked after performers under the WWE umbrella. Given the vast number of merchandise items he shifts, it’s understandable why WWE have chosen to maintain his good guy status.