Who Debuted with The Wyatt Family on RAW?


– The man who debuted on WWE RAW tonight with The Wyatt Family was NXT Superstar and former toughman competitor Braun Stowman. He was signed in 2013 and made his in-ring debut at a NXT live event in Jacksonville on December 19th, 2014. He defeated Chad Gable.

Braun ended up attacking Roman Reigns and laying him out after Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper faced Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Braun then fought off Ambrose and Reigns before manhandling Reigns and choking him out. Braun slammed Reigns again before Ambrose attacked him with a kick. Braun no-sold Ambrose and also choked him out. The segment ended with Braun, Wyatt and Harper posing over Ambrose.

The announcers did not name him and it appears he will be getting a new name.

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