Will Lana Appear With Rusev At WrestleMania 31?

Rusev and Lana

You can expect to see Lana by Rusev’s side when he defends the United States Championship against John Cena this Sunday at WrestleMania 31. Sandra Gray, a seamstress for WWE, mentioned on Twitter that she was making an outfit for “The Ravishing Russian” for the event.

She was asked on Twitter who she was making gear for the event and responded “stardust goldust Lana dolph.”

A report from the Wrestling Observer Radio has provided a backstage word on Lana appearing with Rusev at the event. As previously reported, Lana has been off of WWE programming since the March 9 episode of Raw as she’s been off filming WWE Studios’ new film, Interrogation with WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

Apparently, the buzz backstage during the March 23 edition of Raw was that Lana is scheduled to be appearing at WrestleMania 31 with United States Champion Rusev, even though the on-screen storyline has been teased that Rusev is not happy with her due to her granting John Cena the United States Championship Match at the annual event. Rusev’s anger has been the storyline culprit as to why Lana has been missing.

On WWE television however, Lana is still featured in the WrestleMania 31 graphics with Rusev for the United States Championship Match against Cena. While this isn’t proof that Lana will be appearing at WrestleMania, especially since the official graphics for the card on the official WWE website does not feature her, word backstage is that she will be returning, and she will be a featured part of Rusev’s grand debut entrance, which will possibly feature a slew of Russian soldiers and a banner of his face, much like Ivan Drago’s entrance to the ring in Rocky IV.