WWE Confirms Rusev Injury, How Long Will He Be Out Of Action?


Word started making the rounds late on Tuesday night that Rusev appeared to suffer some sort of injury during a taping of WWE Main Event in Nashville, Tennessee. His match against Neville was stopped because of it and it led to some sort of confrontation between Rusev and the officials who stopped the match.

Because of that, there was some speculation that perhaps it was a work. Today, WWE.com confirmed that Rusev did, in fact, suffer an injury before providing a timetable for his return:

Rusev sustained a proximal bicep tendon rupture during his match with Neville at the WWE Main Event tapings Tuesday night, WWE.com can confirm. The match was called due to the injury, and the former U.S. Champion’s recovery time is currently slated at three to four weeks.

Addressing the injury, Rusev tweeted: