A WWE Diva Is Pissed Off, Is CM Punk Ready For His UFC Debut?

WWE Diva Cameron

– Former WWE Superstar CM Punk has a lot of thoughts running through his head when asked if he’s ready to finally make his UFC debut.

“You’d have to ask Duke (Roufus),” Punk said when asked by FOX Sports if he feels ready for his first fight. “Ask me that the day of the fight and I’d probably say ‘No,’ or I’ll probably say ‘I don’t know.’ Actually, the day of the fight I’ll probably be like ‘Yep, let’s fight everybody.’

“It’s a great question because a part of me wants to say, ‘It’s not for me to say,’ but one of these days you’ve just got to fight. When is a kid ready to play his first Little League game? I don’t know, just go fucking play. When is a kid ready to walk? Sometimes you’ve just got to do it. You’ve just got to get on the bike and you’ve got to ride.

“That’s my mindset. I work my ass off everyday for this. Do I believe I’m ready? Am I confident in myself? Yes, absolutely.”

– Cameron doesn’t appear to be too happy these days and is venting her frustration on social media.

On Snapchat last week, the WWE Diva showed herself flipping the bird.

On Wednesday, she appeared to take a shot at WWE’s creative department with this tweet.