WWE Expected To Cut Over A Dozen Wrestlers By The End Of The Year

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In April, WWE officially welcomed a new class of 11 recruits, including former collegiate athletes, bodybuilders and talent from the independent wrestling circuit, from seven countries to begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Going forward, new talent will start at the Performance Center in groups and WWE has plans to introduce new prospects in September and early next year. Unfortunately, this will result in some wrestlers being cut.

For every wrestler WWE signs, it’s another wrestler who will ultimately lose his or her job since the company maintains the same roster size year after year. Some wrestlers could be on the chopping block next month and at least a dozen cuts are expected to made by the end of the year.

The cuts will mostly be developmental wrestlers. Coaches at the Performance Center were recently asked to submit reports on who they think should stay and who they think should go. The wrestlers mostly likely to get the boot are those who rarely wrestle at NXT house shows and have yet to be introduced on the NXT television show. There are approximately 30 wrestlers training at the Performance Center who have yet to introduced as regular characters on the show.