WWE Had Been Working with Police on Performance Center Security, More on Today’s Shooting

WWE Performance Center

– As noted, police revealed more details on today’s WWE Performance Center shooting in a press conference that just wrapped up. Police still have not released the identity of the man who they shot but as noted, he was obsessed with one of WWE’s female talents that trains at the Performance Center and after being previously arrested there for an incident, he returned today and was acting deranged. Police were called and it was noted that the man had a knife. After repeated warnings from officers to drop the knife, he did not and moved at them, leading to one officer firing at least one shot and taking the man down. At last word he was in surgery at a local hospital.

Police noted that the female talent he was obsessed with was not at the Performance Center today. Police also talked about how WWE has increased security with local police when they have well-known WWE names there visiting. One of the Performance Center managers apparently called one of the officers they have been coordinating extra security with, which is why they showed up for today’s incident. There was also a 911 call made. It was also noted that they believe the man was not involved with WWE and is not a wrestler.

It was also said that the sheriff viewed footage from the Performance Center and he believed the officer tried to keep his distance from the man but the man closed in on him, forcing the officer to fire as he feared for his safety.

One reporter asked the sheriff if he thought WWE had done what they could to keep talents safe and prevent incidents like these. The sheriff said they have, noting earlier that WWE Performance Center managers keep in touch with local police for security reasons, and said you can’t predict what will happen when dealing with individuals such as the man who was shot today.

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