WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Cornette And More Confirmed For Global Force Wrestling

Jim Cornette

Fans can expect the heated verbal feud between The Young Bucks and Jim Cornette to play out inside the squared circle as Cornette has joined Global Force Wrestling.

Global Force Wrestling relaunched its website today and Cornette is listed as a roster member.

In addition, Scott Hall, Takaaki Watanabe, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett are also listed on the roster.

The feud continued last week with The Young Bucks responding to a Twitter message Cornette had issued.

Cornette has said that the animosity from the Bucks stemmed from his review of their match at Wrestle Kingdom 9 in January. Following a dust-up on Twitter, he was briefly blocked by the tandem on the social media platform.

“They blocked me on Twitter! They blocked me! I’ve never been so insulted,” Cornette joked on In Your Head Wrestling Radio in January. “No… I’ve been in riots. I’ve had a couple dozen people in my life try to kill and the Young Bucks think they’re going to hurt my feelings because they blocked me on Twitter.”