WWE Main Event Results – 5/29/15

WWE taped this week’s episode of WWE Main Event tonight. Here are the results:

* The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension when Titus O’Neil got the win for his team. Our correspondent noted there was nothing special to report here.

* Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater with the Rough Ryder.

* Nikki Bella defeated Summer Rae in a non-title match. Nikki won with a Rack Attack on the second attempt. The Bella Twins were over with the crowd.

* Bo Dallas comes out for commentary.

* Adam Rose vs. Neville is next. Rose cuts a heel promo before the match and calls the fans stupid. Rose and Rosa Mendes go back and forth calling each other hot. Neville does his usual diving corkscrew plancha which gets a pop. Rose goes to work on the “hurt” knee of Neville. The majority of the match Rose was in control, working the hurt knee. Neville manages a comeback and hits a standing shooting star press. Rose takes control again. Neville rallies and the crowd is behind him. Bo Dallas stops Neville from hitting the Red Arrow the first time and Rose almost wins with a roll up. Neville ends up hitting Red Arrow for the win. Neville and Bo go at it and Neville sends him retreating. Neville was pretty over.

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