WWE Making Big Investment Into Tapout Brand, Plans to Open Fitness Centers Across the US

Roman Reigns

– We noted earlier in our WWE third quarter earnings call recap that WWE executive George Barrios said the company is excited about their future plans with the Tapout brand but wouldn’t give any details on what’s in store.

It turns out WWE is making a very significant financial investment into the former MMA apparel brand. The idea is to bring Tapout to the front of the pack as a fitness brand that’s not just partnered with WWE, but brings WWE a new source of revenue.

WWE won’t be just lending their name and money to Tapout like they did with the unsuccessful Tout partnership. WWE is actually planning on launching Tapout Fitness Centers all across the United States. Locations will include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Brooklyn, Houston and other markets, including Oakland, New Jersey.

Part of WWE’s strategy is to integrate their Superstars and Divas into the centers near where they live and have them participate. For example, Ryback lives in Las Vegas and would be making appearances at his local Tapout facility. Superstars and Divas will be doing more than just appearing at signings to get people in the door as they’re expected to occasionally help teach classes and things like that.

No word yet on when WWE is planning to announce their plans with Tapout but we will keep you updated.

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Source: PWInsider