WWE No Longer Considering the Former ECW Arena Due to Size?, Update on Possible NXT Touring Plans

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– Regarding WWE NXT possibly running the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia this year, we noted over WrestleMania 31 week that Rob Feinstein of RF Video, who has ties to the venue and was at NXT in San Jose, noted on Facebook that NXT will 100% be running the former ECW Arena in Philadelphia in the future. Feinstein posted the following update this week:

“A few websites reported over the weekend what I had said about NXT going to the arena and I was quoted all over the place. Well to update the situation today I was told that NXT will not be going to the arena after all. There is talk about getting a larger venue in town like the Temple University venue that TNA ran PPV’s out of.”

In another update, this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that there’s talk of running more NXT live events on Saturday nights in the markets that WWE has a pay-per-view in the next day. If they do a NXT live event on August 22nd in New York the Saturday night before SummerSlam, it would go head-to-head with Ring of Honor in that area.

The Observer also confirmed that WWE is no longer looking at the former ECW Arena. The original idea was to take NXT on the road with smaller venues but now they are looking at bigger arenas like Philadelphia’s Liacouris Center at Temple University, which holds 10,000.

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