WWE RAW Superstar Gets Backstage Heat After Several Recent Incidents

Enzo Amore

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently reported that Enzo Amore had major backstage heat following an incident on a tour bus that happened several weeks back. Specifics on the incident were not confirmed but it reportedly ended with Roman Reigns kicking Enzo off the bus. Enzo was also reportedly not allowed to dress in the main locker room, something that happened to The Miz years ago.

In addition to the tour bus incident, Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that Enzo is said to be genuinely frustrating and infuriating to his co-workers, to the point where the WWE office has had to get involved. Enzo is being accused of bringing a series of questionable guests into the locker room as of late. The visitors reportedly broke locker room etiquette by filming and taking photos of the wrestlers. The feeling among Enzo’s co-workers is that he should know better.

The shady drama continued as SI reported that Enzo was the subject of a social media rant from a stripper based in Buffalo, NY. The woman was upset with conduct that she believed was unbecoming of a WWE Superstar. SI added that the incident left many in the RAW locker room feeling disappointed in the way Enzo tarnished the brand and embarrassed himself.

Another issue is Enzo branching out into the music business, which creates another conflict with the company and according to SI, could lead to his release. Enzo’s issues were recently discussed by JBL, Corey Graves and Peter Rosenberg on WWE Network’s “Bring It To The Table” show. That show is scripted and approved by Kevin Dunn & Vince McMahon before it airs, so they would have agreed on Enzo being criticized before the show premiered.

The Observer also reported that Big Cass had backstage heat but not as bad as Enzo. Cass’ heat came from him being a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Cass’ heat came from his co-workers as well as officials remain very high up on him. Regarding Enzo and Cass breaking up, Enzo was said to be unhappy with the move. Cass often spoke up for Enzo backstage and protected him but officials were anxious to split them up. Enzo’s recent solo promos on RAW were Enzo’s chances to sink or swim and he came out on top as they were well-received by most fans.

The line from Michael Cole on RAW three weeks ago was apparently a jab at the heat on Enzo. Cole said, “This man’s mouth may have gotten him in trouble.”

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