WWE Recruit Axel Tischer on Where He Needs to Improve, His In-Ring Style, Message for German Fans

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– WWE’s website has a Q&A with new NXT recruit Axel Tischer from Germany. Tischer, who began wrestling in 2000 at age 13, commented on his in-ring style:

“In my independent wrestling career, I loved to go strike a lot and to wrestle a lot because I also trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and amateur wrestling. So I just decided to do my style, like a bit more of the sport, to do a lot of suplexes and kicks and strikes. It’s all in one, but with the entertainment, too. It’s an all-around style. No matter whose standing in front of me I’m ready for them.”

He also commented on what he thinks he needs to work on to stand out in WWE:

“It’s a great chance to go to the Performance Center because it’s so huge and so big. There are 26,000 square feet, seven training rings, strength and conditioning programs, a cutting-edge edit room. It’s the best place to be as entertainers to get really in shape. The Performance Center presents a guaranteed future success for us. I must get in shape right now because I’m not a typical bodybuilder or just a muscle guy. I think I need to work on this a lot and also just roll in the ring. When you practice a lot in the ring, and we have great trainers here, we become better as athletes, and we become better and better entertainers. Most important for me is the promo class with “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, because he knows everything about entertaining, and this is one of my goals I’d like to reach.”

Finally, Tischer had some words for German WWE fans:

“I’m finally here and a real German guy is finally over here. I just work hard to make them proud over there, and I hope to see them soon.”

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