WWE Refusing To Take Phone Calls From Chyna


Chyna is working on a documentary called The Reconstruction of Chyna and she’s trying to get in contact with WWE, but they want nothing to do with her.

In a video released by Chyna and her manager Anthony Anzaldo, they played a phone call where he called WWE’s offices to try to talk to somebody about royalties that they feel Chyna is owed.

The WWE employee that answered the call said this: “I’ve actually been instructed not to pass along any calls in regards to her, I’m sorry.” When Anzaldo asked why, the woman on WWE’s side said that’s just what she has been told. After the WWE employee hung up, Chyna and Anzaldo talked about how difficult things are now.

The reasons why WWE wants nothing to do with her is because she made recent claims that Triple H hit her when they were dating in the late 1990s and early 2000s. That led to Triple H releasing statements on two separate occasions denying it. They also want to steer clear of her because she performed in adult films, which really doesn’t fit in with WWE’s PG nature.

Recently, Chyna went to WWE headquarters to try to talk to somebody there, but she was denied.