WWE Superstar Donates $1K to GoFundMe Campaign for Wrestling Veteran

Randy Orton

Wrestling veteran “Hustler” Rip Rogers has launched a GoFundMe campaign at this link. Randy Orton, who was in WWE developmental while Rogers was the head trainer at OVW, donated $1,000 to the campaign and re-tweeted the link to his followers.

As of this writing, the campaign, titled “Rip Rogers Raw Deal,” has raised $1,472 of a $16,000 goal by 20 people in 9 hours. Rogers wrote the following on why he’s launched the campaign:

Here I am 60+ years old with a kid on the way to College. A broken down vehicle and struggling to make ends meet. Spent my life in a profession (Wrestling) I Loved but only reward was seeing others succeed as I never got the respect I deserved. Maybe I was too talented, maybe I was too cocky or maybe I just dont f…Ing know. All I do know is that I deserved better because I put my heart and soul into it. I have a wife who is still with me even after all the terrible things I put her through while I was trying to live the dream. So much sadness I put here through, which are too horrendous to detail here, but men we know what we sometimes do to the ones we love; Foolishness!
Help is what I need, a major windfall is what I want but a miracle is what am looking for. What is worse than a man who has to beg and borrow to take care of his family. Relying on the compassion of others but feel completely degraded and less of a man for all his failures. Many of you know what am talking about. Trying to keep it together teaching others the profession I love and watching as they grow and succeed and knowing the thrill of success they are feeling. I dont mind sharing the wisdom and I love seeing all I touch succeed in living the dream. There’s nothing like it!
If you are so inclined even as little as$1.00 will warrant overwhelming gratitude from me. Too late for me to do much else now but hope, humble myself and ask for compassion.

Thank you sincerely.

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