WWE Surveys Fans on NXT vs. the Main Roster

Finn Bálor

– A new WWE Fan Council survey is asking fans to compare the WWE NXT product to the main roster product, and was done to get feedback on both brands. It asked questions about what fans liked and disliked about the products and left space for fans to write feedback. They were also seeking feedback on how much money fans spend on each brand.

One questions asked fans to select which terms described NXT and then the main roster: Energy, Authentic, Hardcore, Fantastical, Unique, Hokey, Excitement, Dangerous, Wrestling, PG-rated, Shocking, Quality, Technique, Wholesome, Fun, Unpredictable, In-Ring Action-Driven, Social, Action, Nostalgic, Mindless, Giving Promos, Intense, Passion, Old School, Imaginative, Safe, Success, Family friendly, Potential, Story-Driven, Younger, Cutting Edge, Real, Simple, Fast Paced, Mainstream, Traditional, Gritty

They also asked if NXT or the main WWE product did a better or equal job at the following points:

* Being amazed
* Being amused
* Being entertained
* Feeling part of a large group of passionate fans
* Getting an appropriate amount of surprises
* Getting the right mix of unique characters
* Having a great show to watch with family
* Having a great show to watch with friends
* Hearing compelling dialogue/promos
* Seeing a wide variety of Divas
* Seeing a wide variety of Superstars
* Seeing enough of my favorite Divas
* Seeing enough of my favorite Superstars
* Seeing good rivalries/match-ups
* Seeing the quality of in-ring wrestling I want
* Watching athletic moves and maneuvers
* Watching interesting stories play out

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