Are More WWE Suspensions Coming?

Alberto Del Rio

Wellness policy suspensions have become commonplace for WWE but not so much that the company is forced to put forth multiple press releases announcing them in the span of a single day.

Starting on Wednesday, WWE announced 30-day suspensions for Alberto Del Rio, Paige and Eva Marie — in that order.

Del Rio, a former world heavyweight champion who rejoined the company in October 2015 more than a year after being fired for “unprofessional conduct,” has seen an up-and-down return to WWE television. From questionable gimmicks to uneven booking, Del Rio has not gained much ground, but did have a featured match just last Tuesday on SmackDown Live.

Paige, who is in a public relationship with Del Rio, received the same 30-day suspension. Paige was sent to mid-card status in January and has been recently out of action due to injury.

While Del Rio and Paige’s suspensions were announced Wednesday, the company released its wellness policy punishment for Eva Marie on Thursday. Eva Marie just recently rejoined WWE’s main roster on SmackDown after spending some time in NXT. Her call-up was a surprise to many, particularly because of her limited in-ring ability. She has not wrestled since returning to television as she has been playing up a gimmick in which her character finds reasons not to compete, such as wardrobe malfunctions and transportation delays.

These three suspensions come on the heels of WWE announcing a 30-day wellness policy suspension for Roman Reigns which ended just before the company’s last pay-per-view. And WWE may not be done yet.

On Friday, James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling Torch sent out this cryptic tweet alluding to WWE suspending even more wrestlers.

While some may take his tweet with a grain of salt, Caldwell very rarely sends out information which is not concrete.