WWE Teasing This Diva Match For Raw


WWE is teasing a match between Becky Lynch and Emma for this Monday’s episode of Raw. The following was stated in WWE.com’s preview for the show.

Is Emma in for an Irish Lass Kicking?

Much like Becky Lynch is now, Emma was once beloved by the WWE Universe – a relationship that, she claims, got her nowhere in WWE. With a ruthless demeanor and a brutal offensive style honed in NXT, Emma is back on the WWE roster, determined to teach The Irish Lass Kicker that “nice girls finish last.”

Viciously defeating Paige on SmackDown, the Australian aggressor aimed to send a pointed message to the fiery fan-favorite. How will Becky Lynch respond on Raw?

Two weeks ago on SmackDown, Emma interrupted a Becky Lynch interview in what appeared to be the start of a program between the two. But while they didn’t appear on Raw last Monday, Lynch was interviewed for Raw Fallout and appeared to reference Emma’s arrest for shoplifting in 2014.

“Yeah, she came at me quite aggressively saying that I stole her opportunities. I’m not the one who steals things,” said Lynch. “I have scraped and clawed my way to exactly where I am right now and I’m not going to stop until I reach the top. So if Emma wants to come at me like that, well, come at me, bro. You know what? Light that match because I am 100-percent straight fire.”