Which Creative Writers Was Cody Rhodes Referring To In His Statement About Leaving WWE?

Cody Rhodes

Fans have been wondering who Cody Rhodes was referring to in his statement regarding his departure from WWE.

The 30-year-old said he had “pleaded with WWE creative” to drop the Stardust character and become Cody Rhodes again and then ripped the “head writers” of Raw and SmackDown for ignoring his requests, including saying that one was “too busy hitting on developmental divas.”

The lead writer of Raw is Ed Koskey, who would be the person that Rhodes said is “pretending to be Brian Gewirtz.” Koskey has been the lead writer for the show since 2013. The lead writer of SmackDown is Ryan Ward, who previously wrote for WWE NXT.

Below is the excerpt on Koskey and Ward from Rhodes’ statement:

In the past 6-months I had pleaded with WWE Creative and both of my bosses to let me roll-the-dice and once again be Cody Rhodes. I had pitched to every writer on the staff like a door-to-door salesman on “how” & “why” & “when”…and believe me, there are many of those who sought to help me (Brian James, Nick, Faz, J Russo, Dave K, JBL & Cole for letting me go wild on their YouTube show and a few others I’m sure) but for all that, both “head writers” of RAW & Smackdown (one pretending to be Brian Gewirtz and the other too busy hitting on developmental divas) continued to not return my pitches or e-mails, and in face-to-face encounters tried to big league me by pretending to be on their clearly powered-off laptops…barely willing to listen to an idea I considered beneficial to more than one talent. What’s that expression? Don’t take no for an answer…what do you do when you don’t get an answer at all?