Zahra Schreiber Returns To Wrestling (Video)

Zahra Schreiber

Zahra Schreiber has returned to the professional wrestling industry after being fired by WWE. She made her debut for Dreamwave Wrestling in LaSalle, Illinois on Saturday night. The small indy promotion is a far cry from her previous job in WWE, where her boyfriend Seth Rollins is currently earning huge money as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Schreiber’s new gig sees her working as the manager to Donovan Danhausen, who introduced her in the video segment below. She cuts a brief promo on the video, and appeared on the show later that night. At this stage she isn’t a wrestler, and the delivery of her lines wasn’t exactly that good, but she has a unique look that should help her get over.

As for returning to WWE one day, if that’s her hope with this run on the independent circuit, it’s highly unlikely. There’s too much controversy attached to her name, particularly with the nude photo scandal and Nazi images on her social media account. Not even her relationship with Seth Rollins could save her from getting fired in late August. Schreiber has since said sorry to anyone she offended.