Zahra Schreiber

Zahra Schreiber

Zahra Schreiber, the women who was involved in a nude photo scandal with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, is a wrestler previously signed to WWE’s NXT division.

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Zahra Schreiber Involved In Nude Photo Scandal With Seth Rollins | Photos Of Zahra Schreiber | Controversial Social Media Posts From Zahra Schreiber

Zahra Schreiber

An aspiring WWE Diva, Schreiber trained at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, beginning in October 2014. She secured a contract with WWE after impressing organization officials at a tryout in June 2014. She previously tried out for the company earlier that year, but was not signed at the time. To prepare her for WWE, she trained with Jimmy Jacobs at the House of Truth Wrestling school in Center Line, Michigan.

Schreiber has a unique look to say the least. She has full tattoo sleeve on her right arm, and tattoos pretty much everywhere else. WWE officials generally frown upon tattoos on female talent, so her addition to the roster was a change.

Zahra Schreiber Involved In Nude Photo Scandal With Seth Rollins

February 10, 2015 – February 9, 2015 was not the best of nights for Zahra Schreiber as the aspiring WWE Diva from Saginaw, Michigan was involved in a nude photo scandal.

Just before Raw went on the air on the USA Network, a nude photo of the heavily tattooed brunette was published simultaneously on the Instagram and Twitter accounts of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. The image also appeared on the official WWE website, which features Twitter feeds of its performers. Although the image was quickly removed, it was saved by a number of fans and as a result, quickly circulated across social media.

Shortly thereafter, Rollins’ fiancée, Leighla Schultz, went on Twitter to share some risqué pictures of her own. The upset fiancée released pictures of Rollins’s exposed genitals through her own account on the micro-blogging platform, giving grappling fans an intimate glimpse of the surging WWE competitor. She also wrote “Zahara?,” misspelling the name of the WWE Superstar’s apparent mistress.

When a Twitter user said that Schultz couldn’t have really been the one that posted the nude photos of Rollins, she responded with assurance that she in fact did, saying, “I definitely did Hahahaha.”

Due to the nature of the images, Rollins released a statement on Twitter immediately after Raw to apologize to his friends, fans and family: “I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent.”

There does not appear to be any issues between Schreiber and Rollins following this embarrassing ordeal. While the WWE Superstar was away overseas touring Abu Dhabi, she ‘favorited’ a message he posted on Twitter about watching a movie.

Zahra Schreiber References Nude Photos and Interacts With Seth Rollins

February 15, 2015 – Monday night, Zahra Schreiber’s nude photo appeared on Seth Rollins’ Twitter account. The two WWE employees were rumoured to be having an affair, and now Zahra has posted her first subtle response to the matter.

“Because people love to talk about stuff they know nothing about #knownofacts,” she tweeted to a friend.

She also interacted with Rollins on Twitter while he was away in Abu Dhabi. She ‘favorited’ a tweet he posted about watching a movie. That suggests there’s no resentment between the two. WWE Fans can draw their own conclusions on anything else.

It is true what Zahra says, nobody really knows what has gone on. All that is known for sure is that Rollins’ fiancee posted a nude photo of Zahra on Rollins’ account. She then proceeded to post nude photos of Rollins on her own account. The speculation was that it was a revenge porn, with some suggesting that Rollins and Zahra were perhaps having an affair.

WWE aren’t planning on formally disciplining either Zahra or Rollins. However, you do have to wonder if this will hurt her chances of making it in the WWE. She’s still some way off of even appearing at an NXT show.

In contrast, Rollins is WWE’s number one heel character. Triple H is a big fan of Rollins, so the former Shield star is always going to have a good level of protection in his career.

Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber Nude Photo Scandal

February 15, 2015 – This past week, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was certainly the story that kept on coming. Rollins was not responsible directly for leaking the nude picture of WWE NXT Diva in training Zahra Schreiber. As we’ve heard by now, Rollins’ now potentially ex-fiancee leaked her picture and then posted a few nude pictures of Seth himself on her own account.

WWE knew that Rollins, who was working at the time the pictures leaked, didn’t do anything wrong. However, he probably did beforehand, which is why his fiancee leaked the pictures in the first place. One would surmise that she found out about a cheating issue and decided to make Rollins feel the same pain she felt.

Regardless, this could have cost Rollins his job with WWE. Triple H didn’t want anything to happen to Rollins. He is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world at this point. Triple H knows that Rollins is a gold mine for the future of WWE and he also knows that he typically doesn’t do anything wrong to harm the company.

Meanwhile Vince McMahon is by no means happy about the situation. Vince was not upset with Rollins as much as he was upset Zahra’s picture was on for an extended period of time. WWE is a PG company, and having a nude picture of one of your developmental women is by no means good for business.

Vince is mainly upset at the entire situation, not at Rollins or Zahra. However, Zahra’s nude picture on the website was certainly the worst thing on WWE’s end of things.

Internally, this is considered a private matter and that everyone should respect Rollins in handling it himself.

Seth Rollins Goes Off On Fan Who Trashed Girlfriend Zahra Schreiber On Instagram

August 24, 2015 – At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was shown seated at ringside with a tattooed woman who was not identified. This is his girlfriend, Zahra Schreiber, who is under a development contract to WWE and training at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. A former professional model and tour manager from Saginaw, Michigan, Schreiber has yet to make her wrestling debut, but has been handling ring announcing duties at non-televised NXT events in recent weeks.

Following the event, Rollins caught wind of a fan trashing his girlfriend on Instagram and lashed back. The context is not clear, but as you can see, he is defending Schreiber in his response.

Seth Rollins Pitched Girlfriend Zahra Schreiber For Role As Sister Abigail

September 2, 2015 – The debut of Braun Strowman last week on Raw strengthened The Wyatt Family faction even more, adding a giant to the mix to combat the duo of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

The additions to the heelish faction may not be over, though.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE officials have had internal discussions over debuting an actual Sister Abigail character to work alongside Strowman, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Bray Wyatt has mentioned Sister Abigail in several of his promos since debuting with the company, but it was implied that she’s nothing more than a spirit or presence which looked over him and his followers. Sister Abigail is also the name of his finishing maneuver.

Wyatt’s younger sister, Mika Rotunda, an aspiring entertainer, recently tried out for WWE. Although she tried out for a role as a ring announcer, it won’t stop speculation of her being “Sister Abigail.” Behind the scenes, Wyatt does not want the role to go to sister if WWE decides to introduce the character.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had pitched his girlfriend, Zahra Schreiber, for the role to creative before she appeared alongside Solomon Crowe at a WWE NXT live event on Saturday—she portrayed his sister. Schreiber, however, was terminated by WWE on Monday for “inappropriate and offensive remarks” she made on social media.

Zahra Schreiber Deletes Controversial Instagram Photos

August 29, 2015 – Zahra Schreiber, the women who was involved in a nude photo scandal with WWE Superstar Seth Rollins earlier this year, is embroiled in another controversy.

On Saturday, a photo she posted on Instagram in 2012 of a swastika hanging in her room began spreading on social media.

When questioned about the photo in the comments of her post, she defended posting it with the following remarks:

it’s really not anyone’s business anyway. I can post whatever photos I want, if you don’t like them my feelings won’t be hurt if you unfollow.

thanks! I am in love with the photo of maria magdalena!

there are lots of cool photos on eBay.

haha it’s not a big deal! I can hang whatever photos I want in MY room or MY instagram. Just like she can post all over her networking sites how she thinks women who are prolife are idiots. We all have our own opinions and lifestyles. I don’t comment on hers so I expect the same.

The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before hitler turned it into an icon. Take it how you want I could careless. This is too funny.

Believed what way? Lol one of my best friends back home is black and another is married to a black man. I dislike people for their actions not their race. If it happens to be a black, Asian or white person so be it. Mind your business. I’m not all on your shit for things you say that I have no respect for.

I don’t really give a shit what it means to other people Brendan

I said that referring to her saying the swastika symbol deserves to be spat on. It has other meanings also. Fuck off. I’ll take interest anything I want. If you look next to it is a photo of an actress who refused nazism and was awarded right to America. I’ll put whatever i want on wall. Get the fuck over it.

me too esp over something so stupid. People need to lighten up and get the sticks outta their ass.

During that same time frame, she also posted a photo of a cartoon unicorn showing off the swastika. Both images were deleted Saturday night.

WWE Fires Zahra Schreiber

August 31, 2015 – Zahra Schreiber has been fired by WWE, according to a report by, two days after old social media postings of hers featuring Nazi symbols began buzzing online.

Further confusing matters was Schreiber’s debut as a new character, valet and sister of a heel-turned Solomon Crowe, on a NXT house show Saturday night, hours after her old Instagram posts and other Twitter conversations that revealed some unflattering views on her part began circulating. Fans were confused by the delay, considering how quickly WWE acted in the case of Hulk Hogan, and speculated if her relationship with WWE champion Seth Rollins – with who she was targeted in a nude photo leak earlier this year – was protecting her.

No need for further speculation as WWE terminated her contract “due to inappropriate and offensive remarks.”

Schreiber had not yet appeared on camera for either NXT or the main roster (aside from a crowd shot next to Rollins at the TakeOver: Brooklyn WWE Network special), so no changes will need to be made to storylines on television.

WWE’s full statement on Schreiber’s termination is as follows: “WWE has released Zahra Schreiber due to inappropriate and offensive remarks she made that were recently brought to our attention.”

Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber Breakup

Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber

February 24, 2016 – Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber are no longer dating, Pro Wrestling Sheet reports. Sources tell the website the couple quietly broke up last month.

No word on who ended things with who, or how it all went down, but Zahra recently moved into a new place as evidenced by photos on her Instagram.

The couple’s relationship was made public last year after nude photos of the wrestlers were allegedly leaked online by Seth’s ex-fiancee. Zahra was released from WWE months later — for very different reasons — but the couple appeared to be together in the months that followed.

Pro Wrestling Sheet added that it is “unclear what caused things to change.”