Backstage News On Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks At WWE Fastlane - Finish Messed Up, Late Change Made -

Backstage News On Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax At Fastlane – Finish Messed Up, Late Change Made

At WWE Fastlane, Sasha Banks rallied back from months of insults and punishment by Nia Jax to upset the Women’s division powerhouse.

Jax looked to be setting up for the victory with Banks in position for a Samoan drop. Banks, however, wriggled free and rolled Jax up for a pinfall attempt with a bridge. That was enough to keep Jax down for the three-count.

Jax’s reaction summed up the feeling for a large chunk of WWE fans.

Here is a clip from the match.

It was reported by us yesterday afternoon that Jax was scheduled to go over Banks at Fastlane. According to Bryan Alvarez on the post-Fastlane edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Jax was scheduled to beat Banks heading into the show. However, a last minute change of plans resulted in Banks claiming the upset.

Additionally, the finish of the match was supposed to see Banks holding the ropes while rolling up Jax in order to protect the 272-pound Superstar. Banks, however, failed to do so and pinned Jax cleanly.