Big E on Why He Would Add Sasha Banks to The New Day, Main Eventing, Ups and Downs In WWE -

Big E on Why He Would Add Sasha Banks to The New Day, Main Eventing, Ups and Downs In WWE

Sasha Banks

– WWE Tag Team Champion Big E recently spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard site. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights: The New Day are becoming a bigger part of storylines every week, you headlined against Cena on Raw recently, what’s it like being trusted with that slot?

Big E: I think we all thought we’d be good enough to get to this point. The biggest thing was our character and not looking like three guys that were thrown together.The last three to four months have been an absolute blast. It’s been the most fun I’ve had between the three of us. It doesn’t feel like we’re being forced down people’s throat which is great. If you could add a fourth member to The New Day, who would it be?

Big E: Sasha Banks, no question. She’s probably my favorite wrestler on the planet right now. The stuff she’s done with Bayley have been tremendous, both at Takeover: Brooklyn and the Iron Man Match. We’ve got a lot of respect for her, she’s on another level. You’ve had some ups and downs on the main roster and before The New Day happened you weren’t on TV much. Did you ever get discouraged?

Big E: I was extremely discouraged. You get to the point where you’re off TV and you look at the landscape around you and you’re like ‘Woah there’s not a lot for me,’ and it doesn’t turn around for a lot of guys like it has for us. We spent a lot of time working on this, and I think some younger people don’t understand how much work we put in. There are plenty of instances of ‘Oh this thing is dead in the water,’ or ‘Oh this thing is never going to work,’ but we were fortunate enough to persevere and get it off the ground. That’s the key. Sink or swim, we believed so much in this idea.

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