Details On Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract, Finish To WrestleMania 34 Match With Roman Reigns -

Details On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Contract, Finish To WrestleMania 34 Match With Roman Reigns

Brock Lesnar

On today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave some further details about Brock Lesnar’s new WWE contract and exactly what happened at WrestleMania last Sunday

– Meltzer said that Lesnar signed a new deal “at a higher rate” and that it wasn’t an extension of his current deal. He was unsure if the deal is just for one more match, but that we’ll obviously get a better sense after the end of that match on what his immediate future is.

– He said that the plan to bring back Lesnar was made on the go-home Raw and that the deal was made that day but was signed at WrestleMania on Sunday before the match.

– Meltzer said Reigns showed up to Mania thinking he would leave as the champion and was told of the change in plans that day. He doesn’t know if he was upset at that. Meltzer said the plan is still to go with Reigns as champion at some point, but everyone knew if he won the title at Mania, the crowd was going to boo it heavily. He doesn’t know if the title change will happen at the Greatest Royal Rumble or not.

– The number of people that knew about the finish was minimal which is why people were surprised so much by the finish which was supposed to be an F5 into a spear and pin. That’s why people were surprised and confused when Lesnar won after hitting another F5.

– Lesnar didn’t “go into business for himself” by busting open Reigns and that Reigns wasn’t double-crossed.

– The referee didn’t know the finish until he got into the ring.

– Meltzer said he’ll believe that Lesnar is going to UFC when he re-enters the USADA testing pool.