Hulk Hogan's Lawyer Says His Career Is Over, Chyna Getting TV Gig Due to Hogan Scandal? -

Hulk Hogan’s Lawyer Says His Career Is Over, Chyna Getting TV Gig Due to Hogan Scandal?

Hulk Hogan

– The UK’s Mirror reports that Chyna may be appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, which is expected to return to Channel 5 next month. Chyna is reportedly in advanced talks with the Channel 5 bosses after Hulk Hogan was nixed from any possible role on the show due to the racist comments scandal.

– has an article noting that Hogan’s lawyers appeared in court on Thursday and said they do not know who leaked the sex tape transcript to The National Enquirer but they suspect it’s Gawker, who Hogan has a $100 million lawsuit against right now.

Hogan’s lawyers asked Pinellas Judge Pamela Campbell to authorize an investigation into whether Gawker’s employees and lawyers communicated with The National Enquirer and RadarOnline. As noted, the sex tape and the transcripts were sealed by a judge when the original case began. Despite being sealed by a judge, the transcripts were leaked a few weeks back, leading to Hogan’s WWE contract being terminated.

Hogan’s lawyers told the judge that the scandal has ruined Hogan’s career but they are now focused on finding out who leaked the transcripts, which they say violate the court’s protective order and are worthy of sanctions.

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