John Cena's New Haircut Makes Him Look Like JBL |

John Cena Reacts To Fans Saying He Now Looks Like Homer Simpson (With Hair) and JBL

John Cena

John Cena returned to the ring on Saturday at WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia, where he scored a victory alongside Bobby Lashley over Kevin Owens and Elias. Yet, all fans could talk about was the 16-time World Champion’s haircut.

Cena, who has favored a tight buzzcut for most of his WWE career, showed off a much shaggier look that has drawn a number of comparisons to fellow former WWE Champion JBL’s mane. Both Cena and JBL noticed the similarity as well.

In a tweet after WWE Super Show-Down, Cena wrote, “Thank you @JCLayfield for the grooming tips.”

JBL tweeted the following on Cena’s haircut:

Cena’s new look also drew comparisons to Homer Simpson getting a hair transplant on The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror IX” episode from 1998. On his Instagram account, Cena posted a photo today acknowledging the similarity.

Cena stayed focused on his match as he earned the win with his new “Sixth Move of Doom.” He only worked the final moments of the match, going on offense after making the hot tag. Cena didn’t take a single bump.

Cena has been located in China in recent weeks, where he is shooting a movie with legendary actor Jackie Chan. During his stay, Cena has gotten shredded.