Kalisto Briefly Unmasked By Alberto Del Rio On Raw (Video)

Kalisto Briefly Unmasked By Alberto Del Rio On Raw

Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio

Finding himself face-to-face with Kalisto in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament on Raw, Alberto Del Rio fended off one-half of The Lucha Dragons to land himself in the semifinals at Survivor Series this Sunday.

During their contest, Kalisto was briefly unmasked by Del Rio. Del Rio appeared to have teasing taking off his mask, but did not expect it to come off so easily. Del Rio then assisted Kalisto in getting his face back under the hood.

While the unmasking appeared to be accidental, this is not the first time where Del Rio has revealed the face of his opponent during a WWE match.

On the Sept. 24, 2012 edition of Raw, Del Rio removed the mask of Sin Cara (the character was portrayed by Mexican lucha libre star Luis Urive at the time and is now used by Jorge “Hunico” Arias) during a tag team contest. While his act may have been accidental, it was speculated that tension between both men prompted Del Rio to unveil Sin Cara’s face.

On Jan. 21, 2014 at a WWE Main Event taping, Del Rio unmasked Sin Cara, who was portrayed by Arias. The sequence, however, was edited off the television broadcast.